INFERNO VENEZIANO - BLU-RAY-R + DVD (HD COLLECTION #11) Signed and Stamped, Limited 50, DESIGN B


Available Monday, 20th November 2017, 3PM CET • Shipping Early/Mid of December 2017

Limited 50 blu-ray-R + DVD

codefree blu-ray-R is handstamped and signed by Cosmotropia de Xam


Third part of the ANIMA PERSA trilogy (Malacreanza - Il Mondo Perduto - Inferno Veneziano)

An Arthouse Horrorfilm by Cosmotropia de Xam
Starring Shivabel, Maya Schneider, Ilynn Morrigan, Theo TetraGrammaton and Giorgio Anselmi

Scientists vanishing and mutating to Zombies. A door to another dimension. A blind woman who keeps a secret. Mysterious surreal connections that prepare an Inferno for the city of gondolas.

Running time approx. 65 min + extras
Italian Original Version (with English subs) / International English Version

DVD Region 0