Ultralimited 10 PHANTASMAGORIA Betamax PAL Box + DVD + Blu-ray + Pre-cert-Rental Card


Pre-order 10th April 2017, 3 PM CET, Shipping 28th April 2017

US Radio KRAK reporter Diane Cooper travels to Europe to investigate strange occurrences with people becoming delusional in a small town. After mysterious encounters with a local girl, dreams and reality begin to melt into one.

This is a real Betamax playable in VCR recorders

System: PAL

Language: English with English and German Subtitles

A Movie by Cosmotropia de Xam

Cast: Rachel Audrey, Mari K
Soundtrack: Mater Suspiria Vision

Region 0 (All Region)

70 minutes + Bonus Short Film "The Contaminated Photos Of Valentina Crepax" (DVD only)