LIMITED 50: Excepter - Streams 2 Vol. 1 Box (2-CDr Hardbox)


Excepter STREAMS 2 vol. 1 BOX out AUGUST 10, 9AM EDT on Phantasma Disques.

Excepter is a psychedelic/experimental/Avantgarde music group from Brooklyn NYC, founded in 2002 by No-Neck Blues Band member John Fell Ryan. They have released their work on labels such as Load Records and Animal Collective's Paw Tracks, and are known for their improvisational approach to playing both live and in the studio.

Limted Edition 50 copies in deluxe hardcover/harbox designed by Cosmotropia de Xam. STREAMS 2 is a compendium of live cuts, studio outtakes, and radio sessions from the years 2007 - 2009 featuring the sextet Excepter of John Fell Ryan, Dan Hougland, Nathan Corbin, Jon Nicholson, Lala Harrison Ryan and Clare Amory.

All boxes will be shipped worldwide registered.