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VAMPIRE BOX Diabolique + Metamorfosia 2-DVD HARDBOX


Image of VAMPIRE BOX Diabolique + Metamorfosia 2-DVD HARDBOX

METAMORFOSIA by Cosmotropia de Xam
Starring Carmen Incarnadine, Martin N, Shazzula, Janet & Larissa Littwin
Duration: 97 min
Language: english
Subtitles: english, german

In the life of an average woman it's her husband and the children, who give her love and secureness. They form a family. Often her husband has to travel for business, only for a few days. In these days she feels loneliness and counts the days till he comes back from his far journeys. Everytime the day of his arrival is a please. But this time he hasn't come back. He has been missing for 3 days.

content of DVD:

Metamorfosia [97 min]
english with german and english subtitles

Bonus Features:
• Aurelia and the secret of the mirror trees [6 min]
• ANS picture to sound
• Impossible instant polaroids from the set of Metamorfosia
• Lobby Cards

DIABOLIQUE by Cosmotropia de Xam
Starring Aura, Günter Schickert, Agnes Pándy and Martin N

Esmakra is a milk-like substance used by vampires to infect the human race. Causing addiction. Controlling them. The shadow of darkness is where the vampires stay. Saturated neon color lights of the big city. Soul Intoxication of a single ticket. Near the streets of the weaping houses they are looking for their next victim. A victim for spreading their anima...

Duration: approx 60 min
Language: german
Subtitles: english

Region 0 (worldwide)