Limited 50 BLOOD OF NOSFERATU 3 INCH DVDR + Acid Babylon 2 Guide / Magazine


Pre-order 31 January 2022, 3 PM CET
Expected shipping 22 February 2022

Set will include

Limited 50 Mini-DVDR (3" most DVD and blu-ray players have an adapter spot inside to play it)

Limited 50 Acid Babylon 2 film guide / magazine (color and b/w, A4 Size, 24 pages)

A PXL 2000 Film by Cosmotropia de Xam as a tribute to the 1987 Fisher Price cam which was used in the 90s for underground movies, creating a vibe similar to Begotten or 1920s German Expressionism like Nosferatu or Caligari.

Soundtrack: Mater Suspiria Vision

Region 0 (All Region)

approx 25 min